New Running Tracks

When constructing a new track there are numerous factors to take into consideration in designing a facility that conforms with the rules of track, allows for efficient track meets, spectator accommodations, ease of maintenance and a long life.

The site must be evaluated for several factors, such as:

  • Drainage
  • Access
  • Soil conditions
  • Track size and configuration
  • Location of event areas
  • Accessories and site amenities

Running tracks have typically been constructed with an asphalt base in the past.    In our experience, asphalt substrates have deteriorated to a point of requiring an overlay or replacement before the surface has reached the end of its lifecycle.  Further, when the old surface is being removed to allow for resurface or asphalt overlay, it has been our experience that often the asphalt disintegrates under the weight of the removal equipment.

For long term value we recommend post-tensioned concrete construction for the track base.  When the surface requires replacement, the post-tensioned concrete will still be structurally sound and will support the necessary removal equipment. Due to the structural integrity of post-tensioned concrete, there will be less chance of heaving, settling or cracking to repair.

Our company offers:

  • Free site inspection/consultation
  • Design build services
  • Drainage
  • A full line of  latex and polyurethane surfaces
  • Professional striping
  • Accessories