Running Track Surfaces

There are two typical products for binding rubber particles together to construct a track surface – latex and polyurethane. The Tennis and Track Company is a certified installer for the full line of quality latex and polyurethane track surfacing systems.

Latex surfaces provide an economical and resilient running track surface. They are typically black but can be done in different colors. Latex is more temperature sensitive than polyurethane. This means the track is a little harder when it’s cold and hotter when it’s soft.   A properly maintained latex surface generally last 10 years before resurfacing or replacement.

Polyurethane binders provide a durable, high performance track surface.   These surfaces typically can be resurfaced with a new wear coat, making this a good, long-term investment.   The surface is more consistently resilient in all temperature ranges. A properly maintained polyurethane surface will last 20+ years.

Basemat Structural Spray – a porous system consisting of a resilient basemat layer and a structural spray wearing coat.

Sealed Basemat Structural Spray – same system as above with the addition of a coat of solid-pour polyurethane between the basemat and spray coats making the surface non-porous.  This keeps dirt and water from penetrating the surface meaning less maintenance and a longer life.

Sandwich System – a sandwich polyurethane system consisting of a resilient basemat layer and a full-pour wearing layer.   The surface is high performance and very long-lasting while retaining resilience.

Full Pour System – this is a full-pour polyurethane system providing the highest performance, longest lasting surface.

Running Track Maintenance

Running Tracks over time wear like anything else.  However a track that has had good maintenance throughout its life will last longer than a track with poor/little maintenance. Proper track maintenance includes: running track crack repair, patch work, timely cleaning and striping. We highly recommend contacting Safe Play Pro for you track maintenance needs.