Resurfacing your running track

Running tracks require resurfacing every 8-12 years depending upon what kind of surface it is and the amount of use it receives. Resurfacing a track generally requires the application of additional layers to the surface.  This will not correct any substrate irregularities or damage.

Polyurethane resurfacing typically requires either two spray applied wear coats or rubber broadcast into a flow applied polyurethane.

Latex resurfacing is typically 2 coats of rubber and 4 spray coating of latex.   Bubbling in the surface can occur after the new surface is applied due to sealing the pores and causing the old surface to delaminate from the asphalt.

We use only the highest quality rubber and binders manufactured specifically for all-weather track surface construction. Prior to any maintenance / construction, our experts will inform you on the condition of the facility and what to expect from the repairs or the new surface.