Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis courts need periodic resurfacing. Typically this is needed between every 6-8 years.  However with extensive use or if there is a cracking problem (typically asphalt courts) more frequent repairs and color coats will be needed.  When evaluating a courts condition attention is given to the amount of texture on the court rather than worn out color.

We use the highest quality materials and the latest installation methodology.  However, what sets our courts above the rest is the preparation our crews put into every court prior to putting down material.  This prep is what insures a lasting bond of the new surface to the old court.  The material is then mixed with the desired amount of texture and applied uniformly to the surface.

Tennis Court Crack Repair

The most prevalent damage to older tennis courts is structural cracking. Other damage may include, heaving, settling, and even tree root intrusion.

Tennis courts crack for a number of different reasons including movement of the base under the court, aging, faulty construction methods, drainage problems, etc. Our team of experts can help diagnose the problems and offer a variety of solutions to best meet your needs and budget.

Typical Tennis Court Crack Fill Options and Definitions

Standard crack fill:
Fills and levels cracks (short term solution as cracks may return at any time due to temperature changes)

Fabric Crack Overlay:
Fills, levels, and covers cracks resisting the return of the crack for a longer time than standard crack fill. (allows existing crack to continue expanding and contracting underneath fabric)

Crack filling is at best still a short-term solution to the structural cracks. This provides some time to budget for more long term renovation or repair method.